Permanent parking 4.0 with evopark.
Many work steps run automatically with easyCONTRACT. New customers book their permanent parking space online via the integrated easyCONTRACT landing page. Customer data can be easily validated. In the event of termination, automatic waiting lists enable the parking space to be filled quickly. Do not invest in silos or new infrastructure. Rely on a cloud solution that scales and offers investment security.

Simply less effort:
Customers manage themselves

Insert rental agreements individually, send them and then wait for the completed return letters by post? Always accept the same requests by telephone? Time-consuming, idle tasks - and expensive too. This is much easier and cheaper: In the easyCONTRACT customer area your customers manage themselves.

Only become active when the new customer has already booked

New registrations of contract customers are usually time-consuming. Manually filled out forms often lead to incorrect data in the system. Save time and trouble: with easyCONTRACT the customer registers completely online. Documents are created automatically and inquiries can be processed quickly.

Automatic waiting lists:
Replace parking spaces quickly

He wants the parking space, he doesn't want it: Often the new allocation of parking spaces resembles a daisy oracle. They have to make phone calls to interested parties and ask them about their needs. With the automatic waiting list from easyCONTRACT you can quickly reoccupy free parking spaces.

One system for everything:
No investment in silos

Your accounting department creates invoices and manages customers via an internal SAP system? Data is transferred manually into the PMS, in addition separate Excel lists are maintained? Instead, decide for a holistic, innovative solution with automatic data verification.